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Our Team

Kathryn Lawlor


P (09) 838 4820 | M 022 165 7175 |

Availability: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Kathryn Lawlor is the Chief Executive of MPHS. She has over two decades of experience working in the community sector including volunteering as well as managing services. She brings her solid community experience, genuine passion for social equity and community development to MPHS. She is an inspirational leader who supports others to be their best selves. She lives in West Auckland and feels privileged to support and be part of her community.

Lorien Doherty

Programmes Manager

P (09) 838 4820 | M 022 390 4636 |

Availability: Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.15pm

Lorien has experience working for a wide variety of charities and corporates both in New Zealand and overseas. Her skills and passion are in the areas of community development, events, marketing, partnerships, and management roles. She is a proud Westie and enjoys family time, a never-ending house renovation and finding a bargain op shopping

Phyllis Burgess

Financial Manager

P (09) 838 4820 | M 021 048 8110 |

Availability: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Phyllis is an accounting professional with over 20 years experience. Her previous roles have been in non-profit organisations and public practice.  Phyllis believes that accounting is as much about relationships as it is about finance, and she’s very excited she works for MPHS because they have the welfare of people and the community at heart. In a past life, she was a registered nurse. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her teenage son and their miniature schnauzer.

Agnis Misipati

Hub West Facility Coordinator

P (09) 838 4820 | M 020 4106 8210 |

Availability: Monday to Friday 9am-3pm

Agnes is the MPHS Facility Coordinator. She is woman you will see when you come into the office and the woman you will speak to when you call us here at Hub West. She makes things run smoothly, has a genuine love for customer service and attention to detail so is super helpful managing all of the room bookings. She’s very committed to the MPHS whanau and is often seen doing extra tasks to ensure things are tidy and working right. She can write and speak fluent Samoan and basic Tongan and Maori languages.

Clarence Lomiwes

Youth Studio Manager

P (09) 838 4820 |

Availability: Monday to Friday 11am- 6pm at Youth Studio, Hub West

Clarence has a Master’s degree in Design (Fine Arts – Painting) and brings this expertise to his role as Youth Programmes Manager for the Youth studio within the Tahi Building. He organises and runs various youth initiatives within MPHS and believes in developing leadership in our youth through creativity. The youth programmes specifically encourage young people to expand their perspective by visualizing and working towards goal orientated projects. Clarence fosters and facilitates this with the people who attend the Youth Studio programmes.

Esteban Hevia

Project Twin Streams Manager

M 022 0644 0767 |

Availability: Monday to Friday 7am-3:30pm

Esteban is an Agronomist, which means he has a degree in Agricultural Science and has a great knowledge in areas such as weed management, plant physiology, soil science and ecology, to name a few. He is the Enviro Manager and his leadership role includes the planning, organizing and monitoring activities involved in the ecological restoration of over 20has of West Auckland significant ecological areas. He kindly shares his technical support to volunteers and trainees engaged in restoration and environmental work too. He’s a proud West Aucklander who has a passion for native bush restoration as well as good food and soccer!

Semisi Tamoua

Enviro Team Member

P (09) 838 4820

Availability: Monday to Friday 7am-3:30pm

Semisi Tamoua moved from the Kingdom of Tonga over 20 years ago and calls West Auckland home and doesn't see himself living anywhere else. He loves the natural treasures of native flora and fauna which are on his doorstep. Semisi initially started at MPHS in 2013 as a volunteer and his work was of such a high calibre he was taken on as an employee. He loves his work and family which are what his world revolve around as well as plants and animals and has a great sense of pride knowing his Twin Streams work contributes to a healthier environment for his community.

Natasha Wade

Community Coordinator of Twin Streams

P (09) 838 4820 | M  021 207 2834 |

Natasha has been a high school science teacher in West Auckland for over 15 years and was ready to move careers to focus on the environment and conservation. Her role is the Community Coordinator for the Project Twin Streams. She is passionate about educating local people and schools about this great resource and the surrounding bush. In her spare time she enjoys running on the trails in the Waitakere Ranges and visiting the West Coast beaches with her family..

Tipping Point


P (09) 836 5048 |

Availability: 9am-5pm by phone or email

Tipping Point, the social enterprise that diverts materials from landfill and finds them a new life in the West Auckland community. We are very passionate about moving towards a zero-waste society. This starts with how we design products and flows through cultural attitudes towards consumption and what we choose to buy new. Being the last line of defence preventing landfill is a challenging but necessary part of the process.

Christine Wang

Manager, Waiorea

P (09) 838 4820 | M 021 0827 9681 |

Availability: Monday to Friday

Christine's background includes teaching, running a business and community development. She has a genuine passion in zero-waste and sustainable living through working in recycling and resource recovery sector. As a qualified teacher, Christine believes in the power of education and facilitating behaviour change, and understands the importance of building connections with community and stakeholders through operating her own business. Christine is a strong advocate for bringing community together because "Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai - many hands make light work". She is excited to be part of the Waiorea Community Recycling Centre which will contribute to Auckland's zero waste to landfill by 2040 goal.

Quan Wan

Accounts Administration

P (09) 838 4820 |

Quan is the Accounts Administrator at MPHS supporting the Finance manager, HubWest co-ordinator and the team in the office. She has a degree in Management and Organizational Studies and a Diploma in Computer Graphic Design. Her background is in retail, graphic design, motherhood, church and community work. She is a mother to four young men, and enjoys helping and serving in her community, and meeting different people from all walks of life. In her spare time, if she has any, she enjoys hanging out with her family, friends and just doing anything that is fun, relaxing and brings laughter.


Our Board

Will Ward


Will has held executive and governance positions within the addictions, mental health, disability and community development NGO sectors for the past twenty years, both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He has also worked in a mental health clinical capacity within a DHB setting.

Will is a strong advocate for supporting lived experience and using a community development approach in supporting positive change for New Zealanders. He has a strong connection with local community development through his chair role with MPHS Community Trust. 

A proud ‘Irishman’ Will has lived in New Zealand for the past 15 years. He is passionate about understanding the drivers of embedding real system change.

Mark Chelton

Deputy Chairperson

Mark has 20 years experience in HR and has been with the ASB for the past 11 years where he is currently Senior Manager People and Culture, leading a small HR team that supports recruitment, application of people policies, employment relations, engagement and culture for about 500 staff in ASB’s operations functions. He brings this experience to the Board.

A keen supporter of ASB’s community activities, in particular for Starship, Mark has resided in West Auckland since emigrating and has two young girls of 4 and 7. In his spare time with a group of friends he has established an Ultimate Frisbee team for expats in Auckland.

Natasha McDowall

Board Treasurer

Natasha McDowall is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a strong background in business and not-for-profit management, and she founded Tael Solutions Ltd. Natasha has extensive experience in the corporate world helping with their business growth and strategic financial management. 

Seeing the need to help New Zealand Businesses and people with businesses, structure their finances properly and succeed, Natasha also likes to get involved in strategic planning for business growth. Natasha saw the need to set-up an independent ethical accountancy practice focused on the people behind the numbers.

Through close interaction with her clients, Natasha is able to bring added value in the areas of resources (how to get the best out of your systems and staff), business structuring and regular reporting.

Natasha resides as chairperson or treasurer on various boards.

Natasha is mother to 2 teenage children and wife to Elton and enjoys Arts & Crafts and looking for antique furniture, she also enjoys being spending time outdoors whether it be biking or taking the dog for a walk

Kimberley Rees

Board Member

Kimberly has been involved with the MPHS organisation since its inception when housed at the Bruce McLaren Intermediate School. In this role she undertook neighbourhood surveys, identifying the needs and wants of the community, and was instrumental in securing funding for the MPHS Hub to be built.

She helped secure funding for the High Tech Youth Studio to be built under its unique community ownership model and joined the MPHS governance team sharing her community and social service expertise.

She has held a number of public/social service roles over the last 15 years working for the University of Auckland, central and local government as well as for the largest philanthropic trust in Australasia – all related to empowering people and their communities which she is passionate about. She also brings her skills in assessment and accountability, particularly in reporting to funders to the role. 

Kimberly, originally from the United States, is a proud West Aucklander for over two decades.

Lionel Anderson

Board Member

In addition to Lionel’s Board Trustee role with MPHS he is part of the Board with a local Intermediate School. He has expertise in the community empowerment and customer services with a strong focus on education. He’s worked for two legacy Councils, both Waitakere and Auckland City in the past. He’s a West Auckland local and personally fond of how we engage with each other and what outcomes are a result of these interactions. He’s a strong advocate of new technology and in particular how we can utilise this to uplift our day to day affairs...

Esther Goh

Board Member

Esther did a stint of journalism and then went into marketing. She’s media and digital savvy and shares this experience and expertise with MPHS. She is a new mum who lives close to MPHS, and has a vested interest in ensuring a great community for her son to grow up in.