HIPPY – Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters


HIPPY is a home-based programme which supports parents in becoming actively involved in their 3 to 5 year olds children’s learning. Parents and children work together using storybooks, puzzles and learning games that help children become successful learners at school. 

HIPPY Tutors, who do HIPPY with their own child, teach and support the other parents how to deliver the programme to their children. They deliver a series of sixty activity workbooks through fortnightly home visits and group meetings. Parents then spend fifteen minutes a day, five days a week one on one with their child, doing the activities.

Children can begin HIPPY between 3 and 4½ years of age and participate in the programme for two years. They can do HIPPY as well as attend an ECE Centre, and carry on when they start school. It costs only $1 a week, which includes weekly workbooks and storybooks.

HIPPY children are confident, settle into school quickly, love learning and build their confidence. Children can do HIPPY alongside attending Kindy, pre- school, ECE or when they start school.

MPHS Community Trust partners with Great Potentials to run HIPPY in the Bruce Mclaren Henderson South area. 


For more information contact our HIPPY Coordinator Lil on (09) 838 4820 or email info@mphs.org.nz

New HIPPY Coordinator dives right in

Visit the Great Potentials website to read about how Christine Wang the new HIPPY Coordinator for Henderson South didn’t let the second lock-down stop her from diving right in.